Alternative Dispute Resolution

pic-peacemakerThe Institute for Christian Conciliation (ICC), administers cases using mediation, mediation/arbitration, and arbitration.  Our process is truly alternative dispute resolution: not only an alternative to litigation, but also an alternative to a secular approach that omits the spiritual dimension. The ICC provides highly qualified and experienced mediators and arbitrators who will work with parties to resolve their dispute using a biblically faithful dispute resolution process that is appropriate for their particular case.

Our Christian mediation and Christian arbitration services have been used effectively to resolve a wide variety of civil disputes, from marriage and family conflicts to complex legal matters, such as employment disputes, breach of contract, estate disputes, partnership dissolution, wrongful termination, oil and gas disputes, international disputes, and organizational conflicts. Our services have also been used to resolve matters more personal in nature that require the assistance of a trained, experienced neutral. These services are available for cases at any stage of the litigation process, and whether or not parties are represented by attorneys.

The process uses the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation which are a part of Guidelines for Christian Conciliation.

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