This year we are trusting God to provide $425,000 to fulfill our mission of equipping and assisting Christians and their churches to respond to conflict biblically. The revenues we receive, from our seminars and conciliation work, simply do not cover the cost of our ministry activities. While income from training events and resource sales help, donations from friends like you are critical – accounting for over 40% of our ministry’s income.

Sometimes people ask why Peacemaker Ministries does not generate all of its revenue through sales and fees. It is because our operating model is that of a ministry and not a business. In the future we hope to increase our income generation by creating and delivering quality resources like the Path of a Peacemaker as well as our education events. Once that happens, our hope is to place 100% of the funds generated by donation into a scholarship fund for  those in need of peacemaking training, services or resources. In the mean time, we very much need your support to  help us bridge that business model gap over the next few years.