Dear Friend,Welcome to the exciting world of Peacemaking! This web site is designed to introduce you to Peacemaker Ministries and assist you in learning and applying the powerful conflict resolution principles God has given to us through Scripture.

First, some background. Peacemaker Ministries was founded in 1982 by a group of pastors, lawyers, and business people who wanted to encourage and assist Christians to respond to conflict biblically.

If you are interested in furthering your understanding of biblical peacemaking through The Path of a Peacemaker, please contact us at and we would be honored to tell you more about this.  We have video series for adults, along with 509.598.7150 resources for children and teens, to help Christians learn how to serve God as peacemakers in the conflicts they encounter in everyday life. (For more background information on our organization, see the About Peacemaker Ministries section of the website.)

Now, what about this site? Most importantly, it is designed to be a “self-help” resource. It contains detailed guidance on biblical conflict resolution that you can use to resolve disputes in your family, workplace, church, or community. I recommend that you start by reading the documents in the “Library” section (especially Foundational Principles). Then you’ll have a solid basis to continue reading the information presented in the other sections. You can also read some of the key articles on biblical peacemaking.

If you are unable to resolve a dispute on your own, please read our Get Help with a Conflict section to learn how you can get help through your church or through the Institute for Christian Conciliation’s national network of conciliators.

The rest of the site is devoted to providing you with educational and training resources you can use to improve your personal conflict resolution skills and teach peacemaking to others.

We pray that this information will whet your appetite for biblical conflict resolution and lead you to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from being a peacemaker!

Yours in Christ,

Brian Pic

Brian Noble (Rev.)
Executive Director, Peacemaker Ministries