Conflict Resolution Advanced Training and Certification

Conflict Resolution Advanced Training and Certification

“God reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.” 2 Corinthians 5:18

Advanced Training

Peacemaker Ministries’ Advanced Training covers a variety of specialized topics. This training will increase your knowledge and skills necessary to assist others involved in more complex and difficult conflicts such as marriage and divorce, multiple parties/multiple issues, formal arbitration and reconciling church conflict.

Instruction is offered in the form of lectures, demonstrations and role-play activities that allow you to apply the specific skills needed for effective conciliation.



Advanced Training Advanced Training and Becoming a Certified Christian Conciliator – Certification Program at Peacemaker University
Introduction to Reconciling Marital Conflict
Advanced Training/Reconciling Church Conflict
– Advanced Training/Certification

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Peacemaker Ministries’ Advanced Training includes Certification Training and special training, all of which you will want to consider as you mature in the service of generating a culture of peace.


This training, required as part of the Certification Program, is designed to help you provide services for resolving conflicts in more intense and complex conflicts that may have more parties and deeper issues.  This training also provides an introduction to the arbitration process that can be used within a church setting and conducted by people who are not attorneys or professional counselors.  It is a three-day live training, involving lectures, demonstrations, individual exercises, and a half-day role-play.  In the role-play, each participant will conduct a case that transitions from mediation to a simple arbitration requiring a written decision.  This training requires prior completion of the Conflict Coaching Training and Mediation Training.

Cost: $675*

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This two-day training is designed by highly experienced and skilled Christian conciliators who intervene in the deeply painful conflicts within marriages.  This course is designed to address the unique emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects inherent in marital conflict.  It will provide you with training in the process and skills needed to assist couples that are experiencing marital conflict and are working toward reconciliation within their marriage.

Cost: $595*

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This three-day training is designed by experienced and skilled Christian conciliators and is an in-depth training preparing you to intervene in organizational conflicts (church congregations and other large groups).  Peacemaker Ministries has learned that understanding of the governance structure and language associated with specific traditions is critical for successful outcomes of such interventions. Therefore, you will choose from among one of the following church tradition tracks for the purpose of focused case study: Broadly Evangelical (elder-led congregational polity), Presbyterian & Reformed (elder-rule polity with a connection to the regional church), Baptist (traditional deacon board congregational polity), Lutheran (voter assembly congregational polity with elders).

Cost: $595*

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