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The documents linked through this page are available for you to download, print, and copy. It is our hope they will be helpful as you prepare and present information to leaders/members of your church.

Helpful Documents

Brief Considerations on Certain Kinds of Church Conflict

Other Key Articles

A Better Way to Handle Abuse

by Ken Sande, President of Peacemaker Ministries. Ken shares some timely insights in this article on how best to address the issue of sexual abuse in the church.

Accountability:The Mark of a Wise and Protected Leader

by Ken Sande, President of Peacemaker Ministries. Every year hundreds of churches and ministries are thrown into turmoil when someone criticizes or raises serious questions about the conduct of a pastor or ministry executive. In this article, Ken Sande discusses the best way to provide church leaders with loving accountability.

Approachability: The Passport to Real Ministry and Leadership

by Ken Sande, President of Peacemaker Ministries. Many pastors have extraordinary gifts in areas of preaching and teaching, yet struggle to connect personally and gain the trust of their church members. In this article, Ken Sande unpacks the issue of approachability and how to cultivate it as a church leader.

Bringing Peacemaking To Your Church

by Chip Zimmer, Director of International Ministries. The church plays a vital role in God’s design for peacemaking. This article discusses how you can help your church begin living up to God’s high calling.

Counseling the Church in Conflict

by David V. Edling, Senior Ministry Consultant, Peacemaker Ministries. This article gives wise counsel and a foundation for action to pastors and mediators who are in the midst of church conflict.

How To Bid a Healthy Farewell

by Don Bubna, Peacemaker Ministries board member. Don shares some very good insights into how to make a pastor’s departure a God glorifying time for the church. Reproduced by permission from Don Bubna.

How We Treat Each Other in the Church

by Ted Kober. While this article’s original purpose was to speak to the root causes of conflict within a specific denomination, it also applies to anyone who wants to see the church—the bride of Christ—healed of unresolved conflict.

Leading Through Change Without Splitting the Church

by Tim Pollard, VP for Peacemaker Ministries’ Marketing & Communications division. In this article Tim discusses how poorly handled change is at the root of a huge proportion of church conflicts and splits. Pastors talk about this as an area of real challenge. A season of major change is a dangerous time to lead poorly. Yet, most pastors freely acknowledge having had no real training in this area. And hence, many will confess that they have indeed lead badly in these difficult times. Reproduced by permission from Tim Pollard.

Preemptive Peace

by Ken Sande, President of Peacemaker Ministries. A Leadership interview with Ken talking about how the best way to survive conflict is for pastors and churches to prepare before conflict arises. Reproduced by permission from the Leadership journal.

Strike the Shepherd – Losing Pastors in the Church

by Ken Sande, President of Peacemaker Ministries. When conflicts involve the pastor, the whole church suffers. In this article, Ken Sande looks at the pressure that pastors face and how to prepare and protect them from conflict.

Wounded & Dangerous

by Eric Reed, Leadership’s media editor. Eric describes the peacemaking journey in a fictional church based on a real case. Reproduced by permission from the Leadership journal.