Help from a Certified Christian Conciliator

What is a Certified Christian Conciliator™?

The designation Certified Christian Conciliator is granted by Peacemaker Ministries to individuals who have completed all of the certification training requirements established by Peacemaker Ministries through its Certification Program. The Certification Program employs elements of education, experience, and accountability to equip conciliators with advanced peacemaking skills to address challenging conciliation issues in their churches, ministries, or professions in a competent, biblical manner. See the Certification Program for more information.

The Certified Christian Conciliator affirms and promises the following:

  1. To adhere to the ICC Standard of Conduct for Christian Conciliators
  2. Peacemaker Ministries Statement of Faith
  3. The Peacemaker’s Pledge
  4. To comply with the Certification Program’s continuing education requirements, education and being subject to spiritual accountability (Heb. 10:24-25) through his or her pastor or another official leader in his or her church (e.g., an elder, deacon, or council member)
  5. To be in a continuing fellowship and good standing in a local Christian church

Candidates in the Certification Program

A person who has enrolled in the Certification Program of Peacemaker Ministries but has not yet completed the Certification process is referred to as a “Candidate.” The Candidate, as part of the Certification Program, is required to complete a designated amount of conciliation services under the mentoring of a Certification Coach. This includes individually providing conciliation services while seeking comments from their Certification Coach and/or receiving feedback from their Certification Coach at the completion of the conciliation.

In addition, Candidates may ask their Certification Coach or another Certified Christian Conciliator to co-conciliate with them. When selecting a Candidate to serve as your conciliator you should consider inquiring whether he/she will be receiving assistance from their Certification Coach. The involvement of a Certification Coach, however, does not mean that the Certification Coach is actively involved in your case or responsible for its administration or the service provided.

You may also want to consider asking that they include their Certification Coach or another Certified Christian Conciliator™ as a co-conciliator.

A List of Certified Christian Conciliators and Candidates

The following list provides the names of all Certified Christian Conciliators and Candidates who have agreed to accept inquiries from individuals visiting this web page. A second list includes those Certified Christian Conciliators and Candidates who have additional training and experience in marital conflicts.

An Important Clarification: Peacemaker Ministries does not endorse any Certified Christian Conciliator or candidate’s qualifications, proficiencies, or suitability to provide conciliation services in a particular case. Peacemaker Ministries does not have any control over services provided by Certified Christian Conciliators or candidates not directly administered by the Institute for Christian Conciliation, a division of Peacemaker Ministries. The purpose of this resource is to inform and educate individuals for decision-making in the midst of conflicts and disputes. If you are in need of conciliation, we hope it assists you to ask pertinent questions and find the best conciliator for enlisting God’s guidance and encouragement to resolve your conflict. (See How to Choose a Christian Conciliator for help in selecting the appropriate Certified Christian Conciliator or candidate.)

When you call an individual in your state, please let them know that you are contacting them because of the information at Thank you and may God bless you.