Stewardship of the Institute for Christian Conciliation

May 17th, 2016

Frequently-Asked Questions

We are happy to provide a list of Frequently-Asked Questions regarding the stewardship of the Institute for Christian Conciliation. Please visit this page for more information:



April 29th, 2016


Peacemaker Ministries is committed to advancing biblical reconciliation and building a culture of peace. As the organization has experienced both great blessings and great challenges in recent years, the board and CEO, Dale Pyne, have constantly evaluated our role in God’s work of peacemaking.

For example, Dale has consistently educated the board about the changing landscape and decreasing demands for the Institute for Christian Conciliation (ICC). Twenty years ago Peacemaker Ministries was one of the very few organized ministries supporting conciliation services. Now there are many around the world. While conciliators 20 years ago were primarily trained attorneys, now there is a spectrum of certified conciliators with diverse backgrounds and skills. This is a good thing, and it brings more demands for supporting that community – for education, training, and advanced training.

At the same time, for years we have recognized biblical peacemaking is a universal need  that requires hundreds of thousands, or even millions of peacemakers – not just hundreds of highly trained mediators.

It has also become increasingly clear that there is a difference between advancing peacemaking for laypeople in the church and supporting the professional service of Christian conciliation, and that Peacemaker Ministries cannot do both of those with excellence.

We as a Board and as an organization have great enthusiasm about The Path of a Peacemaker, our new presentation of biblical peacemaking truths and tactics. Without compromising the gospel, The Path is tailored to a millennial viewpoint and designed for 21st-Century accessibility. Launching The Path of a Peacemaker will be the primary strategic focus of Peacemaker Ministries, as we also continue to promote the library of legacy Peacemaker products.

At the same time, we have concluded that the ICC is not flourishing at present and requires greater priority, care, and resources than Peacemaker Ministries is able to provide.

Next Steps

To address these challenges the Board is conducting a review of the ICC’s structure and governance, with a goal of finding the right home and stewards for the ICC. Peacemaker Ministries has invited others from the biblical conciliation world to be part of this process. With prayer and counsel, we are seeking the outcome and governance that best advances biblical peacemaking, regardless of organizational affiliation.

The ICC has been an integral part of Peacemaker Ministries for decades. We are convinced of its value and necessity, and only after much prayer and discussion has the Board concluded that the ICC might be better positioned outside of Peacemaker Ministries. We know that God’s plans are bigger than any one organization, and by pursuing the right situation for the ICC we believe that we can free it to have greater impact for the Kingdom.


In pursuing the right home for the ICC, we are seeking input from the community of biblical peacemaking. Fortunately, we have relationships with many in that group, and we will also seek input from some that we may not know but who may be aligned with this ministry.

We ask that those who may feel called to stewardship of the ICC submit their vision and proposed plans for the ICC in writing. It will be important that any submissions address the operations, governance, finances, and growth of the ICC.

Here are a few details of the process:

  • I am the process owner and Board contact.
  • Decisions on the future of the ICC will be made by the board of Peacemaker Ministries.
  • While all submissions in this process will be confidential, the details of future ICC stewardship will be shared publicly.
  • We expect to gather any submissions by the end of July 2016; to spend the following two or three months in evaluation, clarification, and discussion with potential stewards; and to target a decision in October.

Our goal first and foremost is to follow God’s guidance as we discern it. We seek a steward for the ICC who appreciates its role and function in the past and who expresses a vision for the future that has the greatest impact.

During this transition time, Peacemaker Ministries will continue to oversee and operate the ICC. It will remain intact and operate as usual, under the Acting Director, Anne Bachle-Fifer. We believe that God has a great plan for the ICC, and we want to be sure that Peacemaker Ministries expedites that plan and does not in any way inhibit it.

Your Part in the Future of Peacemaker Ministries

Again, if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about this course please reach out to me, (703.944.9676, We specifically solicit any suggestions on potential homes or stewards for the ICC.

Please join us in praying for God’s wisdom in this process, and for God’s continued blessing on the important work of Christian conciliation.

We are in a humble position in our ministry. We have always known that our work depends completely on God, and that we are called to faithfulness and obedience. As we have tried to steward the ministry and support those whom it serves, we have also been wary of falling into man’s definition of “success.” Now we acknowledge that for the ICC to continue and thrive, it is probably necessary for us as an organization to release it. We believe this will bless the ICC, and also help Peacemaker Ministries to focus on getting the simple tools and truths of biblical peacemaking out to many more people. This is very exciting to us.

As you feel called to come alongside these endeavors, we pray that you will also support Peacemaker Ministries with your financial gifts. You may send support to our secure lockbox at P.O. Box 3556, Monument, CO 80132. You may also make secure online donations at

Thank you for your faithful support of Peacemaker Ministries. I pray that our great and merciful God will bless you with an abundance of peace.


Jack Quarles
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Peacemaker Ministries

Jack Q