Peacemaker Ministries Announcement

The Stewardship (Transfer) of the Institute for Christian Conciliation

After much consideration and prayer, the Board of Directors of Peacemaker Ministries (PM), with great gratitude to God, is pleased to announce the transfer of the Institute for Christian Conciliation (ICC) to ICC Peace in Southern California.

In April 2016 the PM Board announced its decision to identify a qualified successor of the ICC in order to accomplish the following:

  • Carry on the essential work of biblical peacemaking through the ICC
  • Advance the quality, value and impact, and therefore the credibility, of the Certification Program for Certified Christian Conciliators (CCCs)
  • Improve conciliation services to clients through updated and advanced training of CCCs
  • Make it possible for Peacemaker Ministries to focus on advancing the message of The Path of a Peacemaker and other tools and resources that will bring the good news of biblical peacemaking to the greater Christian community

After a prayerful and intensive process, the Board and CEO of PM believe that ICC Peace, LLC is uniquely equipped to take the ICC baton.  In particular, ICC Peace is comprised of a team of Certified Christian Conciliators™ and licensed California attorneys focused on equipping families, law firms, businesses, and churches to provide biblical peacemaking.  The three principal board members of ICC Peace are Matthew Argue, Esq., Judy Steidl and Tim Voorhees, Esq.  Each new leader has a long-standing history with Peacemaker Ministries, is passionate about biblical peacemaking, and proven success as conciliators in their individual practices.  The team at ICC Peace has committed to invest their time, finances and skills to accomplish the crucial goals stated above.  ICC Peace’s vision for the ICC includes:

  • Build upon the ICC’s 20+ year track record of promoting biblical peacemaking and assisting Christians to resolve conflicts biblically outside of court, as mandated by 1 Corinthians 6 and related passages


  • Revitalize the global network of Certified Christian Conciliators™, including both live events (regional and national) and online training for mediators,arbitrators,conciliators and conflict coaches


  • Create new systems for Certified Christian Conciliators™ to stay connected with each other in ways that maximize opportunities for training and outreach; and enhance opportunities for Certified Christian Conciliators™ to network and learn from one another


  • Expand opportunities for Certified Christian Conciliators™ to serve the Christian legal community


  • Rejuvenate the Certification Program to reconnect with past conciliators, actively support current candidates working toward certification with their coaches, and welcome new candidates enrolling in 2017

This transfer to ICC Peace was completed in January 2017.  In early 2017, ICC Peace will provide details about training events, Christian Conciliation Services, and opportunities for ongoing certification for Certified Christian Conciliators™.

We recognize choosing a new ICC steward is a shift from what many of us were expecting; it is a change that brings both opportunities and challenges.  Our greatest hope and our sincere belief is that in future months and years, each faithful supporter of Peacemaker Ministries, each Certified Christian Conciliator™, and many clients will all see excellent fruit from this decision.  In God’s providence, the pain of change is worthwhile because of the gain for the Kingdom of God.

We owe a debt of thanks to many who have faithfully prayed for this process.  As Peacemaker Ministries moves forward with the essential message of the gospel of peace, we solicit your continued prayers, support and engagement with both ICC Peace and Peacemaker Ministries.

Very Respectfully,

Board of Directors of Peacemaker Ministries

Jack Quarles
Chairman of the Board

Anne Bachle Fifer
Director, Institute for Christian Conciliation

Dale Pyne 
CEO, Peacemaker Ministries

(719) 358-4904

Original ICC Transition FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is ICC Peace?

“ICC Peace” is the same entity as The Institute for Christian Conciliation.  We chose it as the ICC domain name because it was available, short, and easy to remember.

2.  What is the difference between Peacemaker Ministries and the ICC?

Peacemaker Ministries will continue to reach out to churches to equip believers to pursue the Path of a Peacemaker through excellent workshops and training while the ICC continues to do what the ICC has done in the past, specifically: case management, training, development and certification.

“Our mission is to develop the ICC as a vibrant, financially-preferable model
for church and court-approved resolutions that encourage discipleship and
the faithfulness of God’s Word in all types of legal, civil, and relational disputes.”

3.  What are the ICC Objectives?

The ICC has a broad, global outreach in the following ways:

  • To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ
  • To provide civil dispute resolution using godly principles in a court-approved ADR process
  • To mediate relational conflict with the discipleship of God’s Word
  • To promote biblical conflict resolution principles, training, and certification;
  • To support and encourage Certified Christian Conciliators™ around the world with superior training and ongoing fellowship via the Internet, regional and national events
  • To follow the mandate of 1 Corinthians 6 within the church community
  • To provide a financially-preferable option of faith-based mediation, not litigation
  • To encourage a stronger commitment to Christian Conciliation in the heart of each church, business, and organization.

4.  What role will the Certified Christian Conciliators have in the ICC?

Conciliators are the heart of the ICC and whose ongoing commitment, training, and vision determine the impact and multiplication of biblical peacemakers on a global scale.  Our hope is to reach out, listen, and serve you well as we all bring a unity of purpose to the wide network of conflict coaches, mediators, and arbitrators who are a part of the ICC certification process.  We welcome your input in this quick survey:   Welcome Survey

5.  Will the ICC continue accepting cases?

Yes, the ICC has already transitioned to new leadership and is actively engaged in case administration.

6.  How will the new ICC be different from the previous one?

The heart of the ICC will remain the same. The new ICC will also be updating training courses, inviting more conciliators to teach through online webinars, increasing case administration services, and adding more opportunities to connect and specialize.  We’d like to increase your opportunities to learn from one another as well as multiply the fellowship of peacemakers in your home church, community, and regions.  We want to highlight your area of interest and expertise so that we can better match referrals to you.

7.  Will you add more advanced and specialized training?

We’ll expand and update current advanced courses.   We have several Christian attorneys who understand well the challenges and need for legal professionals to become Certified Christian Conciliators™ [CCC] for more complex court-approved mediations and arbitrations.  We know that communities are continuously more fractured, needing CCC who serve strategically within churches and on the mission field.  We anticipate the wide spectrum of conflict, including crises that are extreme, such as relational abuse.  We hope to equip CCC with all the support and training they need in fulfilling the mission to which God has called them.

8.  Will you have annual conferences?

There is nothing better than a gathering of biblical peacemakers from all over the world. However, before planning conferences, we’d like to bring more opportunities directly to your door through conference calls, online webinars, online training, social media, and much more.  We will have multiple paths of training throughout the year with even more access to regional foundation and advanced courses.  We’d love to hear your ideas for annual and regional events: Take the survey

9.  I was thinking about becoming a biblical peacemaker.  Will the ICC help me?

Absolutely!  The ICC is recognized globally for providing training and highly respected certification for all biblical peacemakers.  Fill out this survey today, and get started

10.  I used to be a Certified Christian Conciliator with Peacemaker Ministries but haven’t done much for a while.  Do I have to start over?

Let’s build on what you have already accomplished and work together to see how we can maximize your training.  The mission of biblical peacemaking is a form of  “alternative” dispute resolution [ADR] and requires ongoing training and practice—so we’ll work with you on increasing your skills as a part of your ICC membership.  ICC Membership information will be ready in 2017.

11.  Who are the new directors of the ICC?

We are grateful for the opportunity to love and serve the Lord through peacemaking.  Each of us brings a unique perspective to the ICC and a genuine excitement for its renewal. We all share a deep respect for what Peacemaker Ministries has accomplished through so many years and want to carry forward that legacy.  We are all located in southern California.

Matthew W. Argue, JD will serve as the new Chief Executive Officer. Matt is a full-time mediator/arbitrator/Christian conciliator with over 27 years of experience as an attorney in complex business, real estate and construction disputes throughout Southern California. As a mediator and arbitrator, Mr. Argue has successfully resolved over 450 cases in mediation, over 300 cases in arbitration and over 75 cases as a conciliator. He is an active member of the San Diego Chapter of the Christian Legal Society and acts as the CLS Board’s liaison for biblical peacemaking in the local church.

Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA. serves as Chairman of the Board. Tim is a tax lawyer and investment adviser based in Costa Mesa, California. He is the president of Voorhees Family Office Services and a principal partner at Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP, a tax law firm. Tim has mediated hundreds of conflicts among business partners, trust beneficiaries, and members of advisory teams. He has served on many boards, including the national board of Christian Legal Society. He actively encourages families, businesses, and churches to uphold the Peacemaker’s Pledge and build cultures of peace.

Judy Steidl serves as the new Chief Operations Officer overseeing training, certification, case management and online networking. She is the director of multiple peacemaking organizations in southern California including Grace Mediation and Emmanuel Faith Church’s RESOLVE, a regional model for biblical peacemakers serving within local churches. In 2016, she initiated Safe@Home, a ministry of encouragement and support for women recovering from domestic abuse.

We know that there are many of you who have invested heart and soul into the Institute for Christian Conciliation.  We want to thank you for every seed you’ve planted.  We pray often that the Lord will bless you and your families as you serve so many in His name.

12.  How do I contact the ICC now?

You can call toll-free at 1-844-707-3223 or email  We are glad to hear from you!
We’ll respond personally to every survey submitted:   Welcome Survey

Institute for Christian Conciliation
306-N West El Norte Pkwy #29
Escondido, CA 92026

13.  More questions?

This quick 5 Question survey will get you started: Welcome Survey

Original ICC Stewardship FAQ