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Please select a particular topic of interest to go to related articles.  Some articles are readily adaptable to a sermon topic or a one to two-hour Bible study.  Most articles will give you guidance in resolving conflict in a specific genre, or education on process.  Other links will simply take you to a product.

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Easterly vs Heritage

Arbitration Rules 25 – 42, Christian Conciliation Guidelines, Rules of Procedure

Rule 24, Rules of Procedure, Guidelines for Christian Conciliation, litigation

Rule 17; Guidelines for Christian Conciliation; Rules of Procedure; Church

Rule 16 Guidelines for Christian Conciliation Rules of Procedure

Rule 13 for Guidelines for Christian Conciliation – Attorney

Jim Daly – 2015 Peacemaker Conference

The Workbook

Resolving Everyday Conflict Session One Video


Do I Have to Read it All NOW?

Do I Need to Read the Manual Straight Through?

Who Needs To Read the Team Manaul?

Articles on Marriage

Preparing For Christian Arbitration

Resurrection: Accepting the Consequences of God’s Greatest Act of Peacemaking

eNews @ Peacemaker Ministries – May 2007

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Peacemeal – October 10, 2007…The Faith That Forgiveness Requires

Peacemeal – October 17, 2007…Even The Small Peaces

Peacemeal – October 24, 2007…Do Nothing Equals Something

Peacemeal – October 31. 2007…E-mail: The Relationship Blowtorch

Peacemeal – November 7, 2007…But I Don’t See It!

Peacemeal – November 14, 2007…It Takes Two to Tango (And to Grant Forgiveness)

Peacemeal – November 21, 2007…Give Thanks…for CONFLICT???

Peacemeal – November 28, 2007…Nice and Easy Does It Sometimes

Peacemeal – December 5, 2007…Stay Together

Peacemeal – December 12, 2007…Atop This Year’s Christmas Shopping List:

Peacemeal – December 19, 2007…Even When…God Is…

Peacemeal – December 26, 2007..For Unto Us A Child Is Born

Peacemeal – January 2, 2008…A New Year’s Resolve

Peacemeal – January 9, 2008…Even Peacemaking Can Be Done Without Love

Peacemeal – January 16, 2008..Forgiven, But Not Trusted?

Peacemeal – January 24, 2008…Going the Wrong Way Down a One-Way Street

Peacemeal – January 30, 2008…Take TIme To Be Wrong

Peacemeal – February 6, 2008…Agonizing for Peace…Like a Gladiator

Peacemeal – February 13, 2008…Don’t Be a “Chocolate Only” Christian!

Peacemeal – February 20, 2008…The Key To Making Restitution Redemptive

Peacemeal – February 27, 2008…”But peacemaking just won’t work in this situation!”

Peacemeal – March 5, 2008…What Revenge Can Teach Us About Forgiveness

Peacemeal – March 12, 2008…Six of Satan’s Favorite Conflict Phrases

Peacemeal – March 19, 2008…The Gospel: The Key to Peacemaking

Peacemeal – March 26, 2008…Time For A Time Out?

Peacemeal – April 2, 2008…Spring Cleaning Time for Closets with Skeletons

Peacemeal – April 9, 2008…An Opportunity To Serve

Peacemeal – April 16, 2008…Help For Those Who Struggle With A Judgmental Attitude

Peacemeal – April 23, 2008…Show, Don’t Tell: Alternatives to Directly Confronting

Peacemeal – April 30, 2008…Blessed Are The Peace-fakers?

Peacemeal – May 7, 2008…Eye Can See Clearly Now

Peacemeal – May 14, 2008…A Tough Road

Peacemeal – May 21, 2008…Your Trustworthy God

Peacemeal – May 28, 2008…Left Ahead

Peacemeal – June 4, 2008…The Fear Diet

Peacemeal – June 11, 2008…Shaken, Not Stirred

Peacemeal – June 18, 2008…Holy Halitosis?

Peacemeal – June 25, 2008…Reflections, Veils, and God’s Glory

Peacemeal – July 2, 2008…Missed Opportunities

Peacemeal – July 9,2008…Listen and Learn

Peacemeal – July 16, 2007…Senses and Sensibility

Peacemeal – July 23, 2007…Hate the Sin…Hate the Sinner?

Peacemeal – July 30, 2008…Learning to Say Your ABC’s

Peacemeal – August 6, 2008…It Only Takes a Spark

Peacemeal – August 13, 2008…Time is of The Essence

Peacemeal – August 20, 2008…No Other Way but to Trust and Obey

Peacemeal – August 27, 2008…Can Rights Be Wrong?

Peacemeal – September 3, 2008…Know Limits or No Limits?

PeaceMeal Guest Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Reprinting PeaceMeal

Peacemeal – September 10, 2008…God’s “Won’t”

Sample Detailed Response (Case 4)

Sample Detailed Response (Case 3)

Sample Detailed Response (Case 2)

Sample Detailed Response (Case 1)


Peace On Earth – Winter 2007

Peace on Earth – Spring 2007

Peace On Earth – Fall 2007

Peace on Earth – Spring 2008

Peace on Earth – Summer 2008

Foundational Principles

Peacemeal – September 17, 2008…Rebels With A Cause

You Can Stop the Killing

Why Christians Divorce

What Is Truth? The Fight Against Practical Relativism

Waves Not Made of Water

War and Peace

Walking in Peace amid Holiday Strife

True Stories: Why Stir up Old Issues?

True Stories: Where Will Mom Live

True Stories: When You Need to Negotiate, PAUSE

True Stories: We Can’t Ever be Close Again

True Stories: The Sister’s Tug-of-War

True Stories: The Policeman Who Made Peace

True Stories: The New Curriculum

True Stories: The Humble Pastor

True Stories: The Defective Garage

True Stories: The Angry Employee

True Stories: Testimonies on The Young Peacemaker

True Stories: Taming the Wolf Pack

True Stories: Searching for Treasure in the Wilderness

True Stories: Saving Staff and Money

True Stories: Reconciling with Mom

True Stories: Oprah, Rosie, and the Pastor’s Wife

True Stories: One Conflict “Worth the Fight”

True Stories: Laying Down Rights

True Stories: It Took a Village to Restore My Marriage

True Stories: Getting Fired

True Stories: Forgiveness is Stronger than Adultery

True Stories: Daddy … Is That You?

True Stories: Confrontation in the Teacher’s Lounge

True Stories: Confession from the Pulpit

True Stories: Church Discipline Saves a Marriage

True Stories: Accountable to God

True Stories: A Tale of Two Confessions

The Myths of Divorce

The Measure of a Place

The Key to Revival

The High Cost of Conflict Among Christians

The Harvest is Great but the Laborers are Grumbling

The God We Can Trust

The Effects of Divorce on America

The Dangers of “Good” Advocacy

The Cross and Criticism

Tell It to the Church

Taking Up the Challenge

Strike the Shepherd – Losing Pastors in the Church

Spreading the Gospel of Peace

Putting Professionals in their Place

Protecting Ourselves is The Most Dangerous Course of Action

Preventative Law within the Faith Community

Portrait of a Peacemaker

Polemic Theology – How to Deal with Those who Differ from Us

Peacemaking Can Preserve Staff, Money, and Mission

Peace-breakers, Peace-fakers, and Peacemakers

Peace on Earth Spring 07 Articles

Love and Respect in Marriage

Lawsuits in the Church

Keeping the Peace – Writing E-mail that will not Stir up Conflict

It Only Takes a Spark: Managing Conflict in Christian Camps & Conferences

Is it a Time for War or a Time for Peace?

How We Treat Each Other in the Church

How Churches Can Preserve and Heal Marriages

Hope for Troubled Marriages

Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart

God, Conflict, and Zealous Advocacy

Curse or Consecrate: Two Ways for Christians to View a Conflict

Cultural Renewal – The Church’s Responsibility

Counseling the Church in Conflict

Conflict Provides Opportunities!

Conflict an Opportunity? I Hate Conflict!

Conciliation Clauses and Insurance Coverage for Schools and other Christian Ministries

Competition or Community? A Story of Peacemaking in Papua New Guinea

Christian Conciliation: An Alternative to Ordinary ADR – Part 3

Christian Conciliation: An Alternative to Ordinary ADR – Part 2

Christian Conciliation: An Alternative to Ordinary ADR – Part 1

Charitable Judgments: An Antidote to Judging Others

Caring Enough to Confront

Can the Church Be A Peacemaking Forum?

Bringing Peacemaking To Your Church

Being Equally Yoked

Asking for Correction – Letters that Seek Godly Help

Asking for Correction

Approachability: The Passport to Real Ministry and Leadership

Answering The Call to Peacemaking

ACSI – The Matthew 18 Principle for Solving School Problems

ACSI – Mediation/Arbitration Clause Update

ACSI – Conciliation/Arbitration Agreements: A Case Study

ACSI – Binding Arbitration Agreements That Work

Accountability:The Mark of a Wise and Protected Leader

A Time to Confront

A Conciliator’s Prayer

A Case for Reconciliation

A Better Way to Handle Abuse

9-11 Warns Us: Don’t Wait to Make Peace

True Stories: The Whole Class Makes a Confession

Resources for Christian Educators and Administrators

An Environment of Forgiveness

Written on their Hearts

The Crucible of Family Conflict

Peacemaking and Home Schooling

Home School Ambassadors

True Stories: The Stolen Candy

True Stories: The Reptile Robbery

True Stories: The Devoted Educators

True Stories: Testimonies on The Young Peacemaker

True Stories: Blessed are the Young Peacemakers

True Stories: A Good Pair of Walking Shoes

Home Schooling Speaking Topics

YP Sample – Page 10

YP Sample – Page 9

YP Sample – Page 8

YP Sample – Page 7

YP Sample – Page 6

YP Sample – Page 5

YP Sample – Page 1

YP Sample – Page 4

YP Sample – Page 2

Tell It To The Church

Guidelines for Church Discipline (Formal)

Model Church Bylaws

God Disciplines Those He Loves

Model Policy for Screening Youth Workers

Making a Public Confession

The Value of Formal Church Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines for Christian Conciliation

Adopting Relational Commitments

Informed Consent

Rules of Procedure (html version)

Standard of Conduct for Christian Conciliation

Rules of Procedure

The Peacemaker – Chapter One

Affirmation of Faith for Teams

The Four Promises of Forgiveness for Children

Preparing Home Schoolers for Conflict

Peacemaking: A Key to Socializing Children

Children Can Be Peacemakers

All I Want for Christmas… is a Peaceful Family!

A Word from the Author, Corlette Sande

Review of The Young Peacemaker

YP Sample – Cover

YP Sample – Page 3

Sample Young Peacemaker Activity Books

Walking in Peace Amid Holiday Strife

Staff & Board

Conflicts Involving the Pastor

Resources for Churches and Church Leaders

Qualifications of Team Members

Resolving Conflict through Christian Conciliation

Filling the “Peacemaker War Chest” with Testimonies (Page 2)

Peacemaking Really Works!

Top Ten Ways Peacemaker Networks Can Bring Peacemaking to the Community

Christian Education

Articles on Peacemaking in Business/Ministry

Articles on Peacemaking and Women

Marriage/Family Conflicts: Answers 7 – 12

Marriage/Family Conflicts: Answers 1 – 6

Common Questions about Marriage/Family Conflicts

Marriage: Building Peace into the Marital Relationship

Public Schools

Christian Schools

Home Schools

The Young Peacemaker in Schools

The Young Peacemaker at Home

Articles on Peacemaking in the Church

Church Policies that Promote Peacemaking

Articles on Personal Peacemaking

Case Study #4 – The Church Library

Case Study #3 – The Threatening Trustee

Case Study #2 – Birthday Tug-of-War

Case Study #1 – Missions Committee Meltdown

Case studies and responses

Peacemaking in Business and Ministry

The Gospel of Peace Through Peacemaking

Relational Commitments

Peacemaker’s Pledge

Four Promises of Forgiveness

PAUSE Principle

Seven A’s of Confession

The Slippery Slope

Personal Peacemaking

The Four G’s

Getting to the Heart of Conflict