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To initiate a Christian Mediation, Mediation/Arbitration, or Arbitration matter with the Institute for Christian Conciliation, the initiating party submits completed case forms, preliminary issue statements, and a $500 non-refundable filing fee.


All administration and conciliation services are provided on a fee basis, with parties generally sharing in the fees and costs.

Upon opening a case, the Case Administrator will provide the parties with a Mediation, Mediation/Arbitration, or Arbitration Agreement which will be signed and returned by the parties. The signed agreement must be received with a $1500 fee for case administration, which is non-refundable.

Upon receipt of the signed conciliation Agreement and $1500 administrative fee, the Case Administrator will nominate or appoint conciliators, request a retainer, and schedule a conference call for the parties, their attorneys (if applicable) and the mediator/arbitrator. The retainer will cover estimated fees and expenses for the mediator/arbitrator.

Cases are appropriate for Christian Conciliation when parties have a written contract or agreement (such as a dispute resolution policy requiring the use of the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation) or all parties agree to the process.

The Institute for Christian Conciliation administers dispute resolution cases throughout the United States.

Mediation and Arbitration using a biblically faithful process is a voluntary process – either by agreement in advance by way of an alternative dispute resolution clause or by a specific mediation or arbitration agreement reached after the conflict arises.

If you have additional questions please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers or the Guidelines for Christian Conciliation.

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