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Path of a Peacemaker Seminar

Scripture clearly states Christians are to be known by their love (John 13:35) and peace (Romans 12:18).  Sadly, however, most of us do not know how to respond biblically to tensions in our lives. What is your first reaction in a tense situation – between you and your spouse – an issue with your child’s teacher – your neighbor?  Where should you start?  How do I get the log out of my own eye?  What should our relationships look like after we forgive? The Path of a Peacemaker Seminar is interactive.  Learn, role-play and apply the basic biblical peacemaking skills when a situation arises.

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Conflict Coaching Training

After going through the Path of a Peacemaker Seminar – do you feel God calling you to help others?  Conflict Coaching Training is essential for your church counselors.  As a Pastor, how much of your time is spent counseling and coaching members in their marriages, work issues, etc. How much seminary training was available at the time?  Learn aspects of effective,biblical conflict coaching; including gathering data, assigning homework, and applying Scripture to the heart. Learn to provide encouragement, godly advice, and prayer support to an individual struggling in the midst of a conflict.  Help someone get the log out of their eye, to enable them to go to his brother to help him remove the sliver from his eye, and be restored.

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Mediation Training

Mediation Training brings to life the principles and concepts learned in Conflict Coaching (coaching one party), develops skills, and introduces the processes for reconciling two or more people who cannot resolve conflict on their own.  Participants have the opportunity to work through detailed case studies and role plays based on actual conciliation cases.  This training, provided by experienced conciliators, ups the training from individual to what to expect in group dynamics.  You will learn how to level the playing field – making sure everyone is heard equally, you will learn the benefit of private caucusing, of assigning homework, of the profound importance of an awkward silence, how to help the individuals to relate to each other again.

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Conflict Resolution

Peacemaker Ministries’ Advanced Training covers a variety of specialized topics. This training will increase your knowledge and skills necessary to assist others involved in more complex and difficult conflicts such as marriage and divorce, multiple parties/multiple issues, formal arbitration and reconciling church conflict. Instruction is offered in the form of lectures, demonstrations and role-play activities that allow you to apply the specific skills needed for effective conciliation.

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Advanced Training Courses

Peacemaker Ministries’ Advanced Training includes Certification Training and special training, all of which you will want to consider as you mature in the service of generating a culture of peace.

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Advanced Training/Certification Event:

This training, required as part of the Advanced Training/CertificationProgram, is designed to help you provide services for resolving conflicts in more intense and complex conflicts that may have more parties and deeper issues.It is a three-day live training, involving lectures, demonstrations, individual exercises, and a half-day role-play.  In the role-play, each participant will conduct a case that transitions from mediation to a simple arbitration requiring a written decision.

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Introduction to Reconciling Marital Conflict:

This two-day training is designed by highly experienced and skilled Christian conciliators who intervene in the deeply painful conflicts within marriages.  This course is designed to address the unique emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects inherent in marital conflict. It will provide you with training in the process and skills needed to assist couples that are experiencing marital conflict and are working toward reconciliation within their marriage.

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Advanced Training/Reconciling Church Conflict:

This three-day training is designed by experienced and skilled Christian conciliators and is an in-depth training preparing you to intervene in organizational conflicts (church congregations and other large groups).  Peacemaker Ministries has learned that understanding of the governance structure and language associated with specific traditions is critical for successful outcomes of such interventions.

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Become certified and start changing lives today.

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