A Message from Jack Quarles, Chairman, Board of Directors

February 13, 2017

Greetings and Blessings to You.

We are grateful for your continued support and prayer for Peacemaker Ministries, and we have some exciting changes to report about the ministry.

First, we ask you to join us in expressing our appreciation and affection for Dale Pyne, who is stepping away from Peacemaker Ministries.  Dale was an excellent CEO and consistently lived out biblical peacemaking.  Dale faced the difficult task of taking the helm of a ministry after the departure of its respected founder.  He had the vision to restructure the ministry, adapt it to new economic realities, and develop The Path of a Peacemaker to better convey biblical peacemaking to new generations.  The board is immensely grateful to Dale and his wife, Terri, for their faithful devotion to the ministry.  We look forward to seeing where God leads them in the next chapter of their ministry together.

Dale is departing because the Board has eliminated the position of CEO.  This is in keeping with the restructuring effort, which we shared about last spring, to make the organization more streamlined and focused.  (We have now transferred the Institute of Christian Conciliation to ICC Peace and are pleased to see the early fruits of their efforts.)

We are delighted to announce that the Board has appointed Pastor Brian Noble to be the Executive Director of Peacemaker Ministries.  Brian is a Certified Christian Conciliator and an ordained minister with a master’s degree in leadership.  He is also a deeply gifted teacher and communicator and has a contagious passion for biblical peacemaking.  Brian has been involved with Peacemaker Ministries over the last decade and has worked closely with Dale to create and present The Path of a Peacemaker.

Though changes are not easy—and though we will all miss Dale dearly—we see God’s hand orchestrating these moves and are confident in His provision and continued leading.  We are excited about the next chapter of Peacemaker Ministries.  Please join us in welcoming Pastor Brian and in praying for the continued impact and blessing of Peacemaker Ministries.

If you have any questions about the ministry, feel free to reach out to me or to Kathy Kite, our Director of Operations.


Jack Quarles
Chairman, Board of Directors
Peacemaker Ministries


Dear Peacemaker Ministries Family,

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the support and encouragement that so many of you have shown to me during my time as CEO of Peacemaker Ministries.  It has been my joy to serve the ministry and its staff, conciliators, clients and supporters.

When the Board of Directors called me to this position in 2012, I was humbled and honored.  I agree with them that God’s hand was in it and that I was called for such a time as this – a time when He could use my experience and abilities to serve the needs of the ministry.  But I also believe God’s call was for a season.

I am full of thanksgiving to the Lord for the great honor He bestowed on me of leading Peacemaker Ministries.  I am also grateful to Board members, past and present, for their confidence, loving guidance, support and encouragement.  As a leader, I could not have asked for a better team of Christ-followers under which to serve.

In addition, I am deeply grateful to the current and past Peacemaker staff members for their dedication and perseverance as the ministry went through transition and change.  Each of you with whom I worked served a vital role in your position and did so with a servant heart. You bless many.

What also brings me great joy is to see my very good friend Pastor Brian Noble step into the new role of Executive Director of Peacemaker Ministries.  Brian has been an inspiration to me in biblical peacemaking for nearly 10 years.  We have spent many hours together in prayer, encouraging each other, mediating cases together, and the many hours developingThe Path of a Peacemaker.  I commend the Board for selecting Brian for this new role, and I commend him to you.  Brian is a great man; he loves the Lord and brings new skills and energy to the ministry.  By God’s grace he will move the ministry forward through this next season.  As Brian and the Board request my involvement with The Path of a Peacemaker, I will gladly be available.

Terri and I will be praying faithfully for Brian and for the Board in the months and years ahead.  I am truly excited about the future of Peacemaker Ministries and I pray that you are as well.

With gratitude and respect,

Dale Pyne

Four Points on Change:

Taken from an Article written by Chip Zimmer and Tim Pollard in 2008

First, God clearly prescribes in Scripture the need for personal change.   Second, people resist change in part because God created us to value what is familiar.   Third, people sometimes resist change because they have created idols out of the familiar and are worshipping practices, traditions, or ways of life rather than the one true God.   A fourth and final consideration is that God calls pastors and leaders of his church to lead gently, wisely, firmly and lovingly.

Read the entire article here: