Policy for Using and Teaching Copyrighted Material

Purpose of This Policy

The mission of Peacemaker Ministries is to equip and assist Christians and their churches to respond to conflict biblically. We do this, in part, through our seminars and teaching materials. By God’s grace, we receive many inquiries from people who desire to teach and use our materials in various ways. This policy sets forth the manner in which people who are not on the Peacemaker Ministries staff may teach, adapt, and/or use copyrighted Peacemaker Ministries materials or excerpts from them.

Through this policy:

We are seeking to serve the Lord and His church by equipping and assisting Christians to respond to conflict biblically. By extending permission to others to teach and use our materials, we hope many people whom our staff could not reach will learn God’s principles.
We intend that the latest versions of our materials be taught by godly people under the authority of their local churches, denominations, and/or ministries.  We desire to wisely steward the resources that God has entrusted to us.

Integration of Peacemaker Ministries Concepts into Other Materials

Peacemaker Ministries encourages others to draw freely on the concepts that we have developed to communicate biblical peacemaking principles.

Quotations of up to 1000 words from our work may be used without alteration for ministry purposes without written permission. (By “ministry purposes,” we mean that an excerpt will be used within a church, ministry, school, Bible study, etc., and will not be for resale, i.e., in published form.) We ask that you give proper attribution to the source of the quotation by listing the title, author, publication information, and our ministry name and web site. For example:
Reprinted or adapted from The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict, Ken Sande (Baker Books, 3d ed., 2003). © Peacemaker® Ministries. www.Peacemaker.net.

Quotations of less than 200 words from our work may be used without alteration for non-ministry purposes without written permission. We ask only that you give proper attribution to the source of the quotation by listing the title, author, publication information, and our ministry name and web site.

Quotations of more than 1000 words for ministry purposes or more than 200 words for resale require written permission. Please contact Peacemaker Ministries to request permission (mail@Peacemaker.net).

Teaching Seminars

We have developed several standard seminars on various aspects of biblical conflict resolution. These seminars are currently available either via audio and/or videotape, and are also presented in person by Peacemaker Ministries staff members.

You are welcome to teach our two seminars on basic peacemaking principles–the Peacemaker Seminar for adults and the Young Peacemaker for children–provided you adhere to the following guidelines:

Teach without charge within your own local church, denomination, ministry, or discipleship relationship. You are encouraged to purchase our materials and use them to teach internal groups (within your church, ministry or particular denominational group) how to respond to conflict biblically, without charging a fee. In addition, you are encouraged to use our materials in individual discipling relationships and small group Bible studies. There are no instructor qualifications required for any of these types of free “in-house” training in churches, Sunday school classes, small group Bible studies, sermons, and staff workshops. Denominational groups that have been licensed by Peacemaker Ministries to adapt these seminar materials may teach the licensed material within their own denomination consistent with the terms of the licensing agreement.

Use different seminar names. To prevent confusion about who is providing the seminar, others who will teach these two basic seminars may not use the copyrighted names of the seminars, but names like Responding to Conflict Biblically, Conflict Resolution for Kids, etc. Only Peacemaker Ministries staff may use the original names of the seminars for presentations.

If you are a Certified Christian Conciliator™ and have received a Teaching License from Peacemaker Ministries, you may teach these two basic seminars outside of your church or ministry or for a fee in any setting. The Teaching License will require that you clearly communicate that you are not a representative of Peacemaker Ministries, that you not use any of our seminar titles, and that if requested you will provide Peacemaker Ministries with the name and telephone number of each organization for which you provide training.
Those under the oversight of a denominational group licensed to adapt Peacemaker materials for use within that denomination should be candidates for Certification. They may receive nominal fees according to denominational guidelines. All other restrictions apply.
Graduates of Peacemaker Ministries’ Reconciling Church Conflict course who are assisting in a church conflict intervention may teach “Responding to Conflict Biblically” as part of the intervention without a special license. All other restrictions apply.