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As of January 1, 2017, Peacemaker Ministries has turned oversight of the ICC (Institute for  Christian Conciliation) to ICC Peace,  for Mediation Services and Arbitration Services – as well as the Certification of Christian Conciliators. To find out more about this change, please visit the ICC Peace website.

      Guidelines for Christian Conciliation

Our Legacy

Our Legacy.  What does this mean?  The term “Legacy” refers to the foundational, biblical principles that have been part of Peacemaker Ministries resources since the 1980’s.  Over the years, we have continually updated and upgraded materials and presentation styles, and we have even refined our core mission.  In some cases older resources have been replaced or redesigned.  Cassettes had to make room for VHS. Those had to give way to CD and DVD, etc.  (See below to continue article . . .)

Individual Online Courses

         Resolving Everyday Conflict
         The Leadership Opportunity
         Liberty 610 requirement


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In recent years our Board of Directors has  once again taken a magnifying glass to our mission.  As a result Peacemaker Ministries set out on a new path – The Path of a Peacemaker.

We still hold in high esteem the foundationbal principles and resources of Peacemaker Ministries.  The foundation of all Peacemaker Ministries resources is Scripture itself, and Scripture does not change.  So in developing the new materials, we are simply updating and building upon that which already solidly rests on Christ, the chief cornerstone of our faith.

We are calling the foundational materials “The Legacy” because there is so  much history in the articles, products, presentation styles, and assorted ingredients that came out of our our 30+ year existence.  Above and Below are the links that have served web visitors since this site was created, so that all who have reason to use The Legacy materials can continue to do so.

Please be sure to utilize ICC Peace for your conciliation training and needs.

May God continue to enrich your journey through The Legacy materials, while you are getting to know The Path.