PeaceMeal Guest Submission Guidelines

Thanks for considering writing for PeaceMeal—as a fellow peacemaker, we believe you have much to share with others! Without a doubt, you have certain experiences and scriptures that are dear to your heart, particularly as they relate to being a peacemaker.PeaceMeal is our weekly email that is meant to both challenge and uplift the readers as they consider a specific concept related to biblical peacemaking. Some people like to use use it as a formal devotional, while others just like to be reminded of a peacemaking thought. Each issue contains a quote from the book The Peacemaker, by Peacemaker Ministries’ Founder Ken Sande as well as a “Food for Thought” section. (Therefore, if you want to contribute, you’ll need to have a copy of The Peacemaker to reference.)So is there a section of The Peacemaker that particularly ministered to you? Or is there a situation where you have had to apply its concepts in a certain way? Then we invite you to use the following guidelines to write a PeaceMeal and send it in to for us to share with others.

Section 1: Excerpt from The Peacemaker

For the first part of PeaceMeal, select a direct quote from The Peacemaker (please do not paraphrase). This quote will serve as the foundation of the entire issue of PeaceMeal. The quote doesn’t have to be long, and in fact, it shouldn’t be more than a couple of paragraphs. Please note the page number from which you gathered the quote. Again, choose a quote that is particularly meaningful to you or that demonstrates the point you are making in the Food for Thought section.

Section 2: Food for Thought

The Food for Thought section is meant help our readers think about how to apply what is learned in The Peacemaker. There is a lot of flexibility in what can go in this section. It can be a personal testimony of peacemaking as it has impacted your life. It can be an expansion or “twist” on the concept presented in The Peacemaker quote. It can be a meditation on a related Scripture passage. It can be a few of your thoughts on an area in which you still struggle. It can point to an item in the news or media. You get the idea… it can be a lot of things. Use your creativity! The main objective is that it should put feet and hands to the concept of peacemaking. What does it look like in real life?

A good way to end the Food for Thought section is with an action step (e.g., do this, pray about that, think about this, avoid that, write to us about it, talk about this with your family, read this scripture, worship God for this, etc.). This really drives home that peacemaking is an active word!

There is one limitation, however—it has to be short—please limit the Food for Thought section to no more than 400 words. If you have more to say, consider breaking it up into two PeaceMeals!

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to edit your submission for length, form, and content. Also, we can’t promise that we’ll use it right away or even at all. But if we do use it, we’ll include your name and hometown (unless you prefer to stay anonymous), acknowledging your contribution at the end of the PeaceMeal.


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March 2, 2015