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PeaceMeal: Food for Thought on Biblical Peacemaking

  A Tough Road
In his Word, God marks out a clear path to peace, a process you are learning throughout this book.  But in almost any conflict it can be far easier to find other ways to go.  You see solutions that look quicker…easier…cheaper…more popular…more obvious.  Yet what looks to our human eyes to be the right path can in God’s view be wildly misguided.When you choose to be a peacemaker, you will find that God leads you down paths that can be challenging.  His way of handling conflict doesn’t always make sense to people who don’t know him. His expectations can even feel completely opposite of our own.

Taken from  The Peacemaker Student Edition
by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson (Grand Rapids, Baker Books, 2008) p. 38

Food for Thought

The excerpt above comes out of our newest resource, The Peacemaker Student Edition. It is a great example of how this book is written in language that teens can relate to.

It also sheds light on the many challenges faced by today’s teens. In a society of instant messaging, text messaging, cell phones, and fast food, the temptation to find quick and easy solutions to conflict abounds. The road less traveled is difficult for any of us to choose, let alone those in an age group where seeing beyond tomorrow is a rarity.

Remember, your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and young adults in your church need prayer every day. They fight battles and temptations many of us never experienced in our youth. The stakes are high and their decisions are crucial—even when it comes to how they respond to conflict.

Anyone  can find a teen who needs encouragement and prayer. Take some time this week to get to know a young adult and learn how you can pray for them specifically. They’re sure to be blessed, and you will too! Who knows … maybe they can teach you a thing or two about instant messaging and texting!

New Resource Available – The Peacemaker Student Edition!

May of you have asked when we’d have a resource specifically for teens.  We are pleased to announce The Peaceamker Student Edition is now available!

Written by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson, this resource provides examples relevant to today’s teens and young adults. Using the same sound scriptural approach, this book targets teens where they are and teaches them a solid foundation for dealing with conflict.

While written for teens, this book is also a must-have for parents, grandparents, and youth workers.  You  may order online or by calling our Resource Department at 800.711.7118.

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