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PeaceMeal: Food for Thought on Biblical Peacemaking

  Your Trustworthy God
God’s control. God’s care. Those are the prime qualities that make God worth trusting.Suppose you found yourself living in the most dangerous neighborhood of a sprawling city. Gunshots frequently ring through the air. Thieves lurk in the darkness to break into your home. You never feel completely certain whether the people you meet on the street are friend or foe.

Left on your own, you would do everything you could to crawl out of town in a hurry. But suppose you had a protector. Someone awesomely powerful. Someone who cared for you with unquestionable loyalty. You might dare to stay.

In your perilous world, God is that kind of protector. You have surely noticed that bad things happen in life. Situations get almost too complex to work out. Acting as a peacemaker can at times cause you pain. But you can endure if you are convinced beyond any doubt that God has your back.

Taken from  The Peacemaker Student Edition
by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson (Grand Rapids, Baker Books, 2008) p. 40

Food for Thought

An increasing amount of today’s youth feel alone, even those who seem to have it all together and are surrounded by friends. When they close their bedroom door at night and darkness settles in, they feel alone.

This generation is plagued with conflict – in school, in their homes, and in their churches. At least 35% of youth have experienced at least one divorce, maybe two or three. Many others have been part of a church split. Conflict encircles them, and they feel as if no one has their back. The very authority placed in their lives to protect them has failed to do so.

When their friends hurt or offend them, they respond the same way they were taught. They divorce their friends. They leave relationships. They have no idea how to work through it or even that it’s an opportunity to glorify God. If a situation causes pain or if they sense danger, they run. So the key question is, “What are you teaching the youth around you by the way you handle conflict?”

The situation is not hopeless. There is a God who cares, who is in control, and who always has their back. The same is true for you. With this hope in mind, we can teach our youth to deal with conflict in a biblically faithful manner, and the cycle can be reversed.

New Resource Available – The Peacemaker Student Edition!

Many of you have asked when we’d have a resource specifically for teens.  We are pleased to announce The Peaceamker Student Edition is now available!

Written by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson, this resource provides examples relevant to today’s teens and young adults. Using the same sound scriptural approach, this book targets teens where they are and teaches them a solid foundation for dealing with conflict.

While written for teens, this book is also a must-have for parents, grandparents, and youth workers.  You  may order online or by calling our Resource Department at 800.711.7118.

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