The Workbook

To help guide you through a current or past conflict, we suggest utilizing The Workbook.  It contains many of the questions at the end of each chapter of The Peacemaker, but will give you space to fill in your answers.  You may need to only go through a couple chapters, but may find it beneficial to fill in the entire workbook.

This booklet can be purchased in our on-line bookstore, especially if you are needing copies to work with others.

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Or you may download The Workbook at no charge and print a copy for your own use.  Please do not print for resale.

It may be useful to look at the Foundational Princliples section of our web-site to give you background for the questions, to help you reflect on what Scripture has to say.

If you wish more detailed reading, please consider The Peacemaker.  It has hundreds upon hundreds of Scripture references and will help walk you through a conflict using both Scripture and real-life examples.


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June 24, 2015