True Stories: Accountable to God

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True Stories: Accountable to GodDear Peacemaker Ministries,

Peacemaking Women

Peacemaking Women
With personal stories and advice firmly rooted in Scripture, this book offers hope for peace with God, peaceful relationships with others, and genuine peace within.

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How do I begin to express such heartfelt thanks for your part in the reconciliation process my husband and I have just been through. We have much work ahead of us to restore the good and build upon the new—but thanks to you, The Peacemaker, and Peter, we now have what feels like more of a solid foundation than ever before.Just knowing the potential possible in our relationship wasn’t enough to keep it solid. As a matter of fact, it became our demise. We’ve had demands and schedules that took our focus away from God; temptations that became overpowering; challenges in the parenting arena; and many more things happening that eventually put us on overload. Satan took control every chance he could. Trust was demolished, friendships severed. We’ve gone to marriage seminars, started marriage counseling two or three times, attended parenting classes—anything we thought would help our situation. BUT, we never followed through to completion and applied what we learned. We were so BUSY. Again, Satan saw to that.

Last July we were referred to Peter by our minister, who was wise enough to recognize that we definitely needed help. I wish I could find the right words to describe the experience we had last Friday and Saturday. I can only say that had it not been for the way our situation was handled, I don’t think I’d have the opportunity to glorify God like I do today. I’ve always known I love my husband dearly, but Satan kept this pot stirred and boiling regularly—enough to keep me wondering why on earth were we still together? And enough to make both of us wonder after the first day of reconciliation discussion (ours took two days) if this was even going to work. We were mentally exhausted.

On Saturday morning I had no idea what was in store for us. I felt unsure and almost empty. So many things happened I couldn’t begin to relate it all. But that afternoon I could feel God literally working in me. I started thinking of things that I didn’t imagine possible. Before I knew it, I was telling my husband, Harold, that if he needed trust extended to him to begin the trusting process between us, then that’s what I needed to do (didn’t want to, but had to) to glorify God. I could feel God softening my heart. I could sense a change in Harold, but I didn’t know if I could actually believe this to be true. This seemed nothing short of a miracle.

Trust and faith in God’s control, and the realization that as a human I couldn’t possibly exist in this ocean of negative feelings, put me in a position of choosing—either God’s way or the world’s way. Either glorify Him, be happy and we all win, or don’t exercise faith, hold back on total forgiveness and dwell on the hurt and pain.

I’m so thankful God is so merciful, loving and forgiving. Your book tells it like it should be! There’s only one way to go—and it’s not always easy. But this entire process, applied to whatever conflict a person may be involved in, holds you accountable in every way.

My point being—even though I felt wronged so much for so long, my accountability was to God and that changed my perspective in every way concerning my responsibilities and attitude toward my wonderful husband and this marriage. Had it not been for your book, I may never have really understood it this clearly. It’s truly simple, but close to impossible without the Holy Spirit stirring around in your heart.

I have so many entries in my journal that explain some pretty miraculous changes. Changes that would actually make me look up to God and say, “I can’t believe this. You’ve got to be kidding!” But He wasn’t—and I LOVE IT! God has a great sense of humor! And the ultimate example of unconditional love for us to imitate. That’s what you said in Chapter 12. If we’re imitating God’s love for one another we can’t possibly be treating others in anything but a Christlike manner!

Thank you once again, with all the love God put in my heart! I pray for abundant blessings for you and your ministries. How desperately this kind of ministering is needed by so many.



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February 19, 2015