True Stories: The New Curriculum

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True Stories: The New Curriculum

Peacemaking Women

Peacemaking Women
With personal stories and advice firmly rooted in Scripture, this book offers hope for peace with God, peaceful relationships with others, and genuine peace within.

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“I don’t believe it,” exclaimed Rachel. “Are you seriously suggesting that we use a Sunday school curriculum from another denomination?””Yes, we are,” replied Austin. “Our present material is too old-fashioned to keep the kids’ interest. If we don’t start using something different we’re going to lose our entire junior high class. Lori and I have looked all over, and this new curriculum is the best around.”

“But it’s from another denomination!” objected Tina. “I can’t believe you would be so disloyal.”

“It’s not just loyalty,” added Robert. “How can we be sure it’s doctrinally sound?”

“Well,” said Rachel, “with the views those people hold on the End Times, we already know that it can’t be doctrinally sound!”

“Good grief!” exclaimed Lori. “This material doesn’t even mention the ‘End Times,’ and neither does our present material. You folks just can’t stand the thought of change, and you think our church has a corner on the truth. I can’t believe the arrogance around here!”

“Arrogance!” responded Tina. “You’re the ones who have set yourselves up as the final experts on Sunday school material. Who are you to judge us?”

Lori’s eyes widened.”If you all cared a little less about ‘doctrinal purity’ and a little more about the kids we’re trying to reach, you’d at least be willing to look at this material.”

“Hold it, hold it!” Rachel injected. “This isn’t getting us anywhere. I think we’d better table this matter and ask Pastor John to decide what material we should use.”

“Well, of course he’ll side with you, Rachel,” said Austin. “It’s nice to have your brother as the pastor. And if he does tell us to use the old curriculum, Lori and I will hand in our resignations. We’re sick and tired of teaching boring material.”

“He will not automatically side with me!” Rachel objected. “We disagree on many things. But as the pastor he’s the one who should decide something like this. Now let’s move on with planning the youth retreat before it gets too late.”

When Rachel described the argument to John the next day, he groaned. Oh great! he thought. Now I get to step into another crossfire and make everybody mad. But then he had an idea. He had recently read about a biblical negotiation process called the “PAUSE Principle.” Instead of deciding the matter for the committee, he could teach them how to negotiate their own agreement in a constructive manner. Not only will it keep me out of the middle, he thought, but they will learn a skill to help them handle future disagreements without having to drag me and the elders into it all the time.

Pulling out his Peacemaker brochure, he said, “Sis, let me show you how I want you to handle this ….”

A week later, Rachel came into John’s office beaming. “You’re not going to believe this! Last night I taught everyone the ‘PAUSE Principle,’ and it worked! When we got together, I led in prayer. Then I asked forgiveness for judging Lori’s motives last week. She was so surprised that at first she didn’t know what to say. But then she apologized, too, and before long everyone was reconciled. That made all of us more willing to talk reasonably about the Sunday school material and listen to one another’s concerns. I got out a flip chart to write down all the things we thought were important about finding the best curriculum for the class. By then everyone was really getting into it, and we actually had fun searching for various solutions. Once all of the options were on the table, we agreed on a process for evaluating them in an objective manner. We’re going to allow thirty days to get some more information, and then we’ll decide what curriculum to use right after Easter.”

“Hey, that’s great!” said John. “You’re a real peacemaker, Sis!”

“You know, John, God’s principles really work!” she said. “With this new process I think we’ll be able to handle a lot of issues more easily. I hope you won’t mind if we don’t need you to decide things for us all the time.”

“Not at all, Rachel. Not at all!”



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February 19, 2015