Who Needs To Read the Team Manaul?

All Team Members

The Peacemaking Team Manual is a critical resource for all the members of your peacemaking team. While some sections are more important for the team leader, several sections – like how to get started in coaching – are essential for your whole team.

Provide access to the Peacemaking Team Manual for all your team members – it will put all of you on the same page, which is an essential starting point.

Pastor or Leader Overseeing Peacemaking Ministry

It is a very good idea to give a copy of the manual or access to this course to the pastor or leader who is overseeing the ministry. At the very least, have them skim it (or better, walk them through it) to give them a good sense of the kinds of things the team is going to be doing, to help them understand or remember key peacemaking concepts and Scriptures, and to further communicate a vision for biblical peacemaking.


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May 8, 2015