Europe/Former USSR

Europe/Former USSR “I wish someone has told me how to deal with difficult and conflicting situtions way earlier, and I am happy to see how God has started moving in this area in my home and country now, using the ministry of peacemaking.” – Bulgaria
 Bryce Thomas with a friend in Bulgaria Population (approx):  725 million
Main languages: English, French, German, Slavic languages (including Russian). There are 269 languages indigenous to Europe.
Main religions: Christian (71%; many of these would be considered “nominal Christians”), non-Religious/atheist (23%), Muslim (5%)

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Peacemaker Ministries ***BIN_ID:{43F761E6-433B-4FDD-B54E-A806BB3D6E96}*** Trip report from BulgariaTwo men from the US travel to teach peacemaking in connection with the Rule of Law Institute of Bulgaria. More Spreading the Gospel of PeaceChip Zimmer reflects on the work of peacemaking taking place in Croatia
and Peru.