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Starter Kit for Resolving Everyday Conflict.  Contains a DVD set, 1 Participant Guide, & 1 Leader Guide.

♦ Use this set to review for an upcoming class.

♦ Great set to use for a couple wanting to learn together.

$69 by phone at 800-711-7118

or online from PM

⇐  Resolving Everyday Conflict book. This is an “airport’ version of The Peacemaker.  Learn the basic principles of biblical peacemaking in this 120-page book. Great for sharing with someone else or for assigning “homework.”

Online Store-CBD/Peacemaker.  English  and   Spanish

Inquiries call 800-711-7118 for Peacemaker Resources.

Resolving Everyday Conflict Full Kit  Scripture has a lot to say about conflict and our reaction to it.  Learn how to put Matthew 19 into practice.  8 sessions.  See full description here, as well as view Session One.

Online Store-CBD/Peacemaker.

Inquiries call 800-711-7118 for Peacemaker Resources.

Watch online in Peacemaker University.

The Leadership Opportunity DVD Kit What is being a shepherd leader?   14 sessions on different aspects.  Church by-laws and Risk Management.  Read more details, see video clips.

Online Store-CBD/Peacemaker

Inquiries call 800-711-7118 for Peacemaker Resources.

Watch online in Peacemaker University.

Online Store-CBD/

♦ REC Slope Card

♦ Peacemaking Principles Pamphlet

♦ Spanish Pacificaddores

♦ Slippery Slope Card

Keep on your desk or in a pamphlet rack at church.  Great way to do some quick teaching and reminding. 10 packs $4. 50 packs $17.50.

Inquiries call 800-711-7118 for Peacemaker Resources

⇐ Women’s Group Study DVD Kit Learn biblical peacemaking from a woman’s perspective.  DVDs and 10 Journals included.

Order Online-CBD/Peacemaker

Inquiries call 800-711-7118 for Peacemaker Resources.

The Young Peacemaker ⇒

Teach kids God’s way of handling conflict.  Great for grades 3-7.  12 different lessons.  Check out the topics and download the first lesson.

Online Store-CBD/Peacemaker

Inquiries call 800-711-7118 for Peacemaker Resources

The Peacemaker ⇒

320 pages

Order Online-CBD/Peacemaker

PMU Online Classes

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Long-distance, take Resolving Everyday Conflict or The Leadership Opportunity online.

Setting up a reconciliation Team in the Church, we have an online course.



There are hundreds of articles, news stories, true stories, basic peacemaking principles, peacemaking team information, church aides; covering subject such as marriage, divorce, by-laws, pastors, children, conciliation services, and more – all to be read or printed for no cost.

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International Resourcesinternational resources

There is exciting news on the International Front, where you will read about Peace Villages set up in Uganda between warring tribes, work done by missionaries taking biblical peacemaking to help them spread the Gospel of Christ, all to the Glory of God. Contact us for information on translations available, free downloads and articles on the impact biblical peacemaking is having on the world through people just like you.  Be sure to use the TRANSLATE icon in the top right column to see most of our web site in one of 50+ languages.  Yes, Klingon is one of them offered by Bing.  Call us at 800-711-7118 or 719-323-2281 or send an email to

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