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Find our full line of products, from Group Bible Studies, books for individual or group reading, workbooks to help direct your thoughts if you are in a conflict, our Culture of Peace series booklets on specific subjects, materials for teaching children and teens, as well as counseling training books.


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There are hundreds of articles, news stories, true stories, basic peacemaking principles, peacemaking team information, church aides; covering subject such as marriage, divorce, by-laws, pastors, children, conciliation services, and more – all to be read or printed for no cost.


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international resources

International Resources

There is exciting news on the International Front, where you will read about Peace Villages set up in Uganda between warring tribes, work done by missionaries taking biblical peacemaking to help them spread the Gospel of Christ, all to the Glory of God. Translations of materials available, free downloads and articles on the impact biblical peacemaking is having on the world through people just like you.


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