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Conflict occurs in a variety of places and each case is unique. Peacemaker Ministries has a wide range of service options. We are here to help you find the type of service that will best suit you and the conflict you are facing. Whether conflict is in your marriage, at your business, or in your place of worship you have come to the right place. We will assist you in this reconciliation process.

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Types of conflict: marital, business, or general relational.

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Equipping and assisting Christians to understand, prevent and resolve conflict comes in an assortment of options. Along with Resources to aid your personal understanding or Training to equip you to become a Peacemaker we have Services to help you resolve and reconcile conflict. Through the Institute for Christian Conciliation we offer the following Christian Conciliation services:

Conflict Coaching
This process of offering individual counsel is sometimes referred to as “coaching,” because the conciliator is offering encouragement and advice from the sidelines instead of getting directly involved with both parties in the dispute.

The mediation process is designed to promote constructive dialogue and encourage a voluntary settlement of the parties’ differences.

Arbitration is a formal process that allows the parties to present evidence (their story) to the arbitrator(s), who decide the issue(s) based on the information provided by the parties and their desired outcomes, and by applying state, federal, or local laws, with the Holy Scriptures (the Bible) being the supreme authority.

Conciliation Clauses