Conflict Resolution Foundational Skills

“Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24

Conflict Coaching Training


Peacemaker Ministries’ Foundational Skills Training provides the tools you and a Peacemaking Team will need to effectively help people with most conflicts.  It consists of a two two-day live training event along with preparatory resources and homework material sent to you upon registration.

This training is required for those who want to attend advanced training or become a Certified Christian Conciliator™.  It is also strongly recommended for church leaders, staff and individuals interested in providing formal as well as less formal mediation between two people in conflict.

Our training will provide you with the opportunity to observe, practice, and discuss the process of biblical peacemaking.  The most effective way to learn the skills necessary to coach and help people resolve conflicts through mediation is by experiencing the process in the context of both instruction and feedback.

Conflict Coaching Training


In this training event, you will learn aspects of effective conflict coaching, including gathering data, assigning homework, and applying Scripture to the heart.  You will learn to provide encouragement, godly advice, and prayer support to an individual who is struggling with a conflict.

Conflict coaching differs from mediation in that it usually involves interaction with only one of the parties or one side of the conflict.  Conflict coaching differs from biblical counseling in that it gives direction and advice concerning a specific conflict, rather than addressing lifelong sin patterns. Mediation is working with both parties together, to improve communication and understanding so that the parties can arrive at a voluntary agreement.  In arbitration the parties transfer the power to decide the matter to a third person or persons (the arbitrator(s)).

Conflict coaching does not prepare you to be a mediator, but is a necessary part of the training leading to mediation training.  In Conflict Coaching Training you will be equipped to coach an individual to go one-on-one to the other party of the conflict to settle differences, just between the two of them, using a personal peacemaking response (overlooking, discussion, or negotiation). Mediation training will equip you to assist all parties involved in a conflict seek a resolution and reconciliation.

In preparation for this training, you must read The Peacemaker by Ken Sande or complete the Resolving Everyday Conflict bible study. Additionally, you will need to complete the Conflict Coaching Self-Study course at Peacemaker University.  You will receive an enrollment key and access information for this online course after you complete your registration for the live training event.

There are two options for completing Conflict Coaching Training:

Online Conflict Coaching Fundamentals at Peacemaker University$129 Live Conflict Coaching Training $240
Introduces you to the fundamentals of Conflict Coaching or gives you an opportunity to brush up on the basics if it’s been a while since you’ve taken Conflict Coaching . *Please note that the Online course DOES NOT meet the prerequisite for taking Mediation training* The fundamentals version of this course includes:• Great instruction• Demonstration videos• Group discussion and debrief• Interactive exercises• Peer-peer feedback Click Here to begin your study today! The live version of this training is an two-day event, generally 9am through 5pm and is held at churches around the country throughout the year.  Check our training calendar for the next available event in your area.• Great instruction• Demonstration of the skills• Practice the skills with role plays• Group discussion and debrief• Instructor observation and feedback• Satisfies prerequisite for Mediation training!

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*There is a special combination price when registering for both trainings.