What is Peacemaker Ministries?


The mission of Peacemaker Ministries is carried out through four primary divisions.

The Institute for Christian Conciliation™ works with people who are in conflict and helps them to obtain conflict coaching, mediation, and arbitration services. The ICC also works with gifted peacemakers to provide the conciliation training and certification they need to develop and use their spiritual gifting.

The Distribution & Strategy division works with churches and Christian organizations to provide them with the resources, training, and consulting/risk management services they need to build a Culture of Peace™, where their people are eager and able to resolve conflict and reconcile relationships in a way that clearly reflects the love and power of Jesus Christ. This division also works with parents and teachers and provides them with resources for equipping children to respond to conflict biblically.

The Marketing & Communications division works within the Distribution & Strategy division and seeks to create and support networks of peacemakers, providing tools to enable them to share best practices and to apply and spread biblical peacemaking in their own communities. This division also conducts creative involvement campaigns to inspire and motivate all Christians, especially church leaders, to embrace biblical peacemaking as an essential discipline of the Christian life.

The International division coordinates the work of Peacemaker Ministries in countries outside the United States. Activities include providing materials and training to churches, parachurch organizations, and individual Christians, and assisting in the development of peacemaking ministries.