Why should my client use this process?

pic-columns_closeThe ICC provides mediation and arbitration services that are an alternative to secular alternative dispute resolution services, and/or legal actions in the civil courts, for individuals and organizations that desire to apply biblical principles to the resolution process. The ICC mediation and arbitration process is similar to other alternative dispute resolution services in that it uses qualified, certified conciliators who are skilled in helping parties mediate and, where necessary, arbitrate a wide array of legal disputes and other conflicts. Christian conciliation, however, is a process for reconciling people and resolving disputes in a biblically faithful manner. The process is conciliatory rather than adversarial in nature—that is, it encourages honest communication and reasonable cooperation rather than unnecessary contention and advocacy.

Christian conciliation is more values-oriented than most other types of mediation. While all mediators will work to help the parties come to a voluntary settlement, many mediators will be reluctant to go beyond this, especially if doing so would require that they evaluate others’ attitudes and behavior from a moral perspective. In contrast, Christian conciliators make it a point to draw out the underlying reasons for a dispute, sometimes referred to as “matters of the heart.” Believing that God has established timeless moral principles that he has recorded in Scripture and written in our hearts, Christian conciliators will draw the parties’ attention to attitudes, motives, or actions that appear to be inconsistent with those standards. This will be especially true with parties who profess to be Christians; anyone who claims to be a follower of Christ will be encouraged to obey his commands and behave in a manner that will honor him.

More information on the Distinctives of Christian Conciliation are available.

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