The Peacemaking Church Women's Study: Living the Gospel in Relationships

Many Christian women struggle to live out what they believe.

While in their heads they know they are saved by grace, in their hearts they often feel distant from God and burdened by guilt.

They have a nagging sense of not being “good enough,” and the striving that results leaves little room for either peace or joy. They often feel the need to perform to earn the love of God and the love of others. In turn, their relationships with others often reflect this same performance mentality.

To top it off, as they face these struggles and difficult relationships, they sometimes feel utterly alone.

In the Peacemaking Church Women’s Study: Living the Gospel in Relationships, Tara Barthel brings the hope of the gospel to these issues of the heart. Tara unpacks how the gospel frees Christians from a performance-based mentality with God and others—helping women to remember anew God’s grace, and from that place of abundant love, learn how to give that same grace to others.

Throughout the eight 40-minute video sessions, Tara ties the power of the gospel to the biblical and practical principles of peacemaking:
Session 1: What It Means to Live the Gospel (view sample chapter of Study Guide)

Session 2: The Gap between What I Believe and How I Live
Session 3: My Real Problem Is …
Session 4: Real Hope for Lasting Change
Session 5: A Biblical Response to Conflict
Session 6: Repenting and Confronting
Session 7: Forgiveness and Mercy
Session 8: Relationships that Show the World Jesus

If you are interested in a women’s study that digs deep into Scripture and gets to the heart of our relational struggles–both vertical and horizontal–then please join the women studying the Peacemaking Church Women’s Study. You’ll be encouraged. You’ll be challenged. And most of all, you’ll see how the gospel is your hope in all of life, particularly in your relationships.


 What's included with the Study?

Women's StudyEach set includes the materials needed for a group of five to go through the study:

  • DVD Set: Four DVDs contain the eight video teaching sessions—each lasts about 40 minutes (plus discussion time).
  • Study Guides/Journals (10): 80-page guide provides detailed teaching points, questions for discussion/reflection, and room for taking notes during each teaching session. The Study Guide will serve as a thorough resource for reading and reflection long after the study is over. (One Study Guide is needed for each participant—additional guides also sold separately.)
  • Peacemaking Principles Pamphlets (10): Summarize the biblical peacemaking materials found in Sessions 5-7. (Also sold separately.)
  • Promotional Materials: A sample promotional poster (also sold separately) as well as a video to play during your church’s video announcement time.
  • Quick Start Guide: Walks you through the materials in the set and how to use them.


About the Author

Tara BarthelTara Klena Barthel: A former director at Peacemaker Ministries and “recovering lawyer,” Tara currently serves her husband, Fred, and young daughters as a homemaker while regularly mediating and speaking at conferences and retreats. In between chasing Sophia, Ella, and her Golden Retriever, Tara published her first book, Peacemaking Women—Biblical Hope for Resolving Conflict, and video series, The Peacemaking Church Women’s Study—Living the Gospel in Relationships. Tara’s most recent book was published by Baker in May 2012: Redeeming Church Conflicts. To learn more about Tara’s speaking and conciliating services, friend her on FaceBook or visit



The following files are available for download:

  • Promotional Poster (to advertise the study within  your church)
  • Bulletin Insert (to promote the study within your church)
  • Sample Excerpt from Study Guide (3.5 MB PDF file)



What women are saying about this study...

“I would recommend this series to every church, every parachurch organization, and every woman! This series will not simply encourage women in deeper study of God’s word, but will create an environment of building godly relationships.”

“I took this study with me to preview and have been tremendously blessed! Thank you so much for your willingness to be so open and honest with people. Several times I thought “Wow, I thought I was the only one who thought like that or who reached points that low.” It is such a help to sisters in Christ when someone is willing to really “put themselves out there” and share such personal emotions. It really shows all women that none of us can do anything at all without Christ, but with Him, the seemingly impossible can happen.”

“I had the first session yesterday here and we LOVED it — I can’t begin to tell you how fruitful the discussion was. I’d love to just sit with you and describe the conversations. We are all so enthusiastic about continuing. Pray for us–that this passion wouldn’t die, that we would see God’s faithfulness in meeting our hearts’ cries, and that we would continually run to the cross together. Can’t tell you how blessed we are and thankful for your work on this!”

“I’m a young mother who coordinates the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Ministry in our church. Regarding the DVD series… you have a real gem on your hands. It is a treasure worth dispersing to the thirsty souls of both believers and unbelievers alike … It has truly helped to deepen and authenticate my own relationship with Jesus, as well as given me a tool to use with other women.”